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Land and Sea

Forget about acquiring snorkel gear individually when you can have everything in a single affordable set. Land and Sea is one of the most respected names for water sports gear in all of Australia, and yet again the importer of quality snorkeling gear has come up with a snorkel set that is both affordable and effective.

To ensure impressive clarity underwater, the comfortable silicone mask has received the crystal treatment from Land and Sea. Also, the twin-lens design contains less volume than a single-lens mask. Equalizing the mask requires less air and will be achieved quicker by comparison.

Moving on to the snorkel, this features a flexi-tube design for adaptability. The inclusion of a splash guard will minimize the entry of unwanted water. Any that does infiltrate the tube can be removed by using the convenient purge valve.

To complete what is already an outstanding set, Land and Sea have included thermo-blade fins to propel you through the water. Comfort-wise, the full-foot design will keep the fins secure and give you confidence for the duration of your snorkelling adventure.


  • Available in sizes XXS-XL
  • Flexi-tube snorkel
  • Splash guard
  • Purge valve
  • PVC carry bag
  • Thermo-blade fins
  • Twin-lens silicone mask


  • Choose your ideal snorkel set from a vast array of sizes, ranging from XXS to XL.
  • Comfort will never be an issue for the silicone mask and its ability to adjust to fit the subtle contours of your face.
  • The twin-lens mask is intended to lower pressure when you explore the depths.
  • Adjust the exact positioning of snorkel by altering the flexi-tube.
  • Water entry is negated by the inclusion of splash guard and purge valve.
  • Thermo-blade fins are expertly crafted and highly efficient and comfortable.
  • Reusable mesh PVC carry bag stores all of the gear for simple transportation.

Land & Sea Andventurer Mask, Snorkel & Fins Set

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